Monday, May 23, 2011

I am still here...

still disgusted by Costco's enforcement of its own policies. I had to slow down because of the possibility of being fired for writing this blog. Lotsa gossip and speculation at this warehouse.

I will soon write about what I have recently seen/experienced.

All the best,


  1. Best of luck to you. I worked for Costco 249 in Durham, NC. NC is a right to work state, so I didn't even have the option to call for unionization. Had to put up with all this same shit and more.

  2. Don't slow down your blogging. Tell all. The more info that gets out, the better. As long as you don't mention names or slander anyone, you have the right to The discord grows by the day. The tipping point fast approaches. There is a push on both here and in Canada to unionize Costco. The Teamsters are organizing more and more each year. Some warehouses are great but many are run by management cells that think they answer to nobody. Actually, the way senior management deals with complaints, the store management does answer to nobody.

    Many of us are disgusted by the way warehouse management loosely and randomly enforces it's own policies. Nepotism and favoritism seem to rule. Safety comes last. When was the last time you had some input into the employee agreement? Agreement? Hah, more like employee ultimatum.

  3. Unions are in place to look after the Unions not the members. If you have to go into contract negotiations they will give you lame things to do like "take your breaks together so you know you are all in solidarity" Right, good idea. Make the work enviroment uncomfortable and wierd for everyone. When they go through the Union will take the credit. When they do not go through they will blame the membership. If you have not had major issues like this at your workplace like this, then you don't need them. If you have had issues like this and they went through fine you probably didnt need them anyway. If Unions are so good, then you should not be forced to join upon employment as so many are. Let the people decide right?

  4. Kieran, unions are in place to look after the interests of the employees. As a result, everyone benefits...employees, management and, yes, the unions too. Please tell me that you are not so naive as to believe that the employment agreement is there to 'help' you when there is a problem. Please tell me that your only argument against unions is not that they ask you to take breaks together because it makes the workplace "weird and uncomfortable". Wait a second...are you a manager? are, aren't you? You little devil, you!

    No matter. Even if you are a manager and you have been told to troll the blogs and speak out against unions, you can still read about the history of unions and learn a little about the good they do for the common working man and woman. Even if you learned a little, tiny bit, it would help you immensely. Here's an idea - learn about the origin of the 5 day work week. That's right, unions did that! Or, learn about the improvements in working conditions and workplace safety as a result of union organizations. Those are just suggestions but they are a great start. You are welcome.

    Unions will get you pay raises and better work conditions. Unions will give you a way to resolve problems between management and employees. Unions will give you a voice and strength. Without them, you are on your own...good luck!

    When it comes to unions, the people DO decide...that is how a union gains entry into a workplace. There is a vote. Yes, you get to actually voice your opinion and decide for yourself if you want a union! If the employees vote in favor of a union, you get a union. If the employees vote against a union, then you don't bring a union into your workplace. It's a simple concept really. Wait, that is kinda like how a democracy works, isn't it?

    You probably think that if there is a union in place and you are forced to join, you are losing money, right? Monthly union dues only cost about 2-3 hours worth of your pay (depending on where you live). Even a 50 cent pay raise gives you more money in pocket than what you would have with no union. Plus, you get all of the other benefits that unions give you. Do the math! If you work at a unionized Costco and make $15 an hour, your dues cost $37.50. If you work for 160 hours, assuming you got a 50 cent raise when the union came in, you are ahead by $42.50. That's not so weird and uncomfortable is it?

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