Friday, February 8, 2013

No Longer With Costco. Still Have an Allegiance With My Old Friends

Lame, cowardly post.  I am long gone from Costco.  I met many wonderful people there.  Went back a couple of weeks ago and found that nothing is changed. 

I would like to help all Costco employees, everywhere, and be a clearinghouse for attempts to unionize and move forward.

Please contact me so I can help.  I can make no promises.   But maybe we can all make this bigger than what it is now.

Monday, May 23, 2011

I am still here...

still disgusted by Costco's enforcement of its own policies. I had to slow down because of the possibility of being fired for writing this blog. Lotsa gossip and speculation at this warehouse.

I will soon write about what I have recently seen/experienced.

All the best,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Posted Schedules

I have complained before about the fact that Costco Rego Park didnt post their schedules on the Monday before the following week, as was dictated by the employee handbook. Since my posting, they have been very diligent about posting the schedule as dictated. I don't attribute that to this blog, but it was nice to see.

Spoke to a fellow employee who had a question about the schedule and he/she was told that the new schedule is just a reprint of the old one. It is only posted because.....


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Did some shopping at ALDI

ALDI opened last Friday, with a modest amount of fanfare. I went on the Thursday prior to see their offerings. The store was much smaller than anticipated. It is barely larger than Costco's front end. Not a criticism, but an observation. All of ALDI's greeters were pleasant and put on the expected smiling face, but it seemed really weird to be handed little yogurt cups, pretzel crisps and pizza rolls from overly courteous Aryans - white, slim, young and well-groomed - in their $600 dollar suits. It really felt weird seeing one of the Aryan Amazons bending over to hear a little Asian woman asking for a sample of their cinammon cereal. That pretentiousness doesn't sell well in this borough.

As to its product, that is left to be tasted. The prices are low, the selection is limited and the quality is yet TBD. I suspect that immigrants, which comprise a majority of the area's consumers, will not accept Eurotrash. I don't know if ALDIs fits that bill, the early word suggests their products are not on par with the suits their young lil execs wear at their opening.

As far as it being a threat to COSTCO, the jury is out. The profit margins for cost-cutting retailers/wholesalers is low. ALDI has some advantages, as I have pointed out earlier. And, as for ALDI, its not a matter of stealing a big chunk of COSTCO's business, it is only a matter of putting a big enough dent in it to make it unprofitable.

So now, the matter goes to the consumer......

Thursday, February 10, 2011

And how is Aldi doin?

Shelves are stocked. Freezers are stocked. Registers are on. Looks ready to open. But by the look of it, seems to be a lil peanut store. You wouldn't think it could compete with Costco. Based on the composition of the neighborhood their inability to buy in bulk, who knows. Hmmmmmmmm.

UPDATE: Aldi to open on the 18th with a preview on the 17th. I am certainly not trying to promote Aldi, I hope they fail. I just don't understand - - "To get to Costco, follow that arrow, go down the elevator, and navigate yourself through the vestibule."

How is that shrinkage?

Costco had its last inventory over the last weekend. And what did we see?

Hmmmmmmmm. Maybe more eyes should be behind the front counter. Maybe the holding pen should be held tighter. The deli chickens don't seem to be clucking well, either. Was it $15k? Ouuuuuchhhh

Monday, January 31, 2011

Heard that the Elevators Broke Today

Ouch. The cart people had to carry up full loads from Costco shoppers. There were elderly ladies luggin bulk packages up steep stairs. Is there anything wrong here? From what I have heard this was a logistical nightmare.

Costco was not the cause of the problem, but having employees hauling product up a couple of flights is horrible.

Nobody envisioned this scenario?